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Canadian Optic and Laser  center is a specialized center to research laser and bio-photochemical reactions in health and cosmetic subjects and to design and manufacture related sets and systems. We are the first center to open in the field of bio-photochemical products in British Columbia.

Additionally, our center provides workshops and training in the field of Laser technology. COL clinic offers various laser services for clients based on the most recent research and most updated technology.

Our group has more than 18 years of experience in researching, teaching, designing, and manufacturing photochemical products. We take pride in the quality of our work which has resulted in receiving many awards worldwide. We are keen to educate and train more and more people in the field of lasers and set high standards in this area throughout Canada. We have successfully published many research papers and books on laser therapy and its applications in the medical and agricultural fields. We always strive and achieve!

We are proud to announce that our research study in “Comparing Laser Wave Lengths” won an award by the North American Association for Laser Therapy in the 2013 congress (Travel). We have also received an award for best Laser study from the European Medical Laser association (EMLA) in 2007.

The main specification of this center is that we design treatment protocols for each client based on very high standards and using the safest and most effective laser application, and determines appropriate laser settings and techniques to deliver optimal treatment.

The structure of our products, photo-set and laser, is designed based on practical requirements, research, market demands and order of customers. In addition to research done to be used to design our own products, we also produce technical knowledge based on research and findings to be sold to third parties.

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Photochemical equipment and tools have a number of applications in high technology industries. Some operational examples include: Medical Applications: Semiconductor laser (Diode Laser) in different wavelengths for treatment of different diseases (low power laser, cold laser) sets, home photo-therapy systems, and Veterinary systems. Agricultural Applications: Plant light growth, greenhouse lightning and medicinal plants photo therapy. …