Hands Rejuvenation*

Much like our faces, our hands show signs of aging from obvious sun exposure, loss of fat, collagen, elasticity and heredity. Brown and red spots, marked veins, and a skinny look can make your hands appearance older than you want them to. COL Center offers a collection of therapies of cold laser and hot laser to revitalize your hands and make you even more enthusiastic to share them with those around you.

During consultation session we make a complete review of your skin type, sensitivities, skin care history, and the improvements you would like to see. We then provide you the various options that would have the highest advantage for your individual skin type and develop a modified treatment regimen.

The power of laser pulsed delivers excellent results in reduction of skin discoloration, especially in brown spots and certain red discoloration. Treatments last approximately 10 minutes with no down time, only a temporary redness on the skin. Treatment is generally repeated three to six times depending on the skin’s condition, a few weeks apart.

The IPL and laser emits a special light energy that can dramatically improve skin collagen, tonicity, and blood circulation, especially from broken blood vessels. Treatment is generally repeated two to five times, 2-4 weeks apart.

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* The results may vary from person to person.