Students Testimony



Perfect match to my career objective! I have known this institute for its highly remarkable reputation and given the pandemic adverse effect on in-person classes, being online-accessible added to its value. I have taken the course with Dr Mokmeli, and she provided me with a comprehensive approach such a wonderful training that I had not experienced before! Hereby, I appreciate her continuous support and encouragement.
Dr. Negin D.  Online Training (Laser Therapy for Pain management)

The course increased my knowledge and in turns my confidence. Not only did I enjoy the course, but the course also gave me a vision into how business works. Highly recommend this course to anyone who looking for training in laser therapy. Soheila is a remarkable expert in the field of laser therapy, and she always helps students get the information and support they need to start their journey.
Erika S. (Laser Therapy in Cosmetic, Laser Therapy for Pain management and Laser Therapy for Weight Loss) 

This course was more in-depth than I thought it would be, this was a great course. It will allow me to develop a better treatment plan for each individual client and their needs. This course seems to be much more in depth than what I have seen in treatments offered by other practitioners. I feel like it has armed me with enough knowledge to develop high quality treatments and support for my clients that want to quit smoking successfully.
Stacy H. (Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation)

These courses provided me a wide range of information about laser and their applications. Everything was great, well-organized contexts and sources. The course content was at a level appropriate for my needs, great update on my previous information. The Trainer Ms. Soheila is knowledgeable, patient and friendly that I liked the most about the course. Thank you so much for all your help to provide learner with a great information.
Zohreh Kh. (The Basis of Laser Therapy, Fundamentals of Skin Care, Laser Safety, Laser Hair Removal, Laser Rejuvenation)

I like Assessment quizzes and Journey entry the most. They help to review all the lessons again and again. So, I can understand the lessons better. Also, I like all the sources, they are really useful for my knowledge. I like all the videos too; they are easy to follow. The course is really effective for me. My English also improved after the course. I really appreciate the patience and knowledge of the instructor.
Jannie Y. (Laser Safety, Laser Hair Removal)

I am very happy with the level of information and the time allotted to me to complete this course. I run my own business and being able to do things when I had time was very helpful. The instructor was very prompt in answering any of my questions and I appreciated her encouragement throughout it all. I will definitely be back for my next course.
Sarah J. (Laser Safety)

I have been looking into a few different schools that offered the same program, but I am really happy I picked COL Center. I really like that even though it was an online course. I was able to write down all my homework and quizzes. The course was very informative even for me and I have been working in the industry for many years. Soheila has been great at answering any questions I had and always responded within a day. I would highly recommend COL Center to everyone who is looking to learn.
Iryna H. Online Training (Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation)

The course was practical, useful and concise. I have been completely satisfied with this course. After enrolling in the course, I found the syllabus has been ascertained comprehensively. Wishing you all the best. The program was organized and helpful. Thanks to the guidance of dear Dr Mokmeli I will be able to achieve my goal.
Dr. Negin D.  Online Training (Laser Safety)

I found the content very interesting and easy it was easy to navigate the app. Also, the instructor was very available and willing to help. I don’t think that the course needs to change. It was excellent. If possible, I would appreciate more information on what to look for in a laser you may purchase and what is needed for different laser therapies.
Lynn J. Online Training (Laser Safety & Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation)

When I looked at the COL website through google search, Soheila had many impressive credentials. And then when I met in person, it was very informative and professional, so I wanted to take the class. I got one by one training so that was nice as opposed to a giant class. I learned a lot and got hands-on experience which I enjoyed. I liked the class I always had enough time to study and work. The hands-on training was very helpful. Thank you
Jeromey C.  (Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation & Laser Safety)

Very Knowledgeable training program. During my training as distance study, I felt challenged and felt well directed to answer and any question I had. I enjoyed this training. The training met my expectation, and I will be able to apply the knowledge learned. The content was organized and easy to follow; the materials distributed were pertinent and useful.  Thank you, Soheila,
Gham SH.  Online Training, (Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation & Weight Loss)

I am a Registered Acupuncturist in B.C., Canada, with the background of Pediatrics from Iran. After studying acupuncture and Chinese medicine, I was really interested in combining the knowledge of Eastern with Western Medicine and learning modern techniques of acupuncture such as Laser Acupuncture. I heard about Dr. Soheila Mokmeli as a Master Instructor of Laser Therapy from some of Physicians in Iran. She has been active in this field for more than 20 years and published many books and research regarding Laser therapy. I was surprised when I realized that she was offering Laser Therapy and Laser Acupuncture training courses in the COL Center in B.C. I found the training materials so informative, comprehensive, useful and practical. It was noticeable that she was always easily accessible, very supportive and caring about your cases. I chose COL Center because of Dr. Mokmeli’s knowledge, background (as a physician and Master of Low-Level Laser Therapy) and support.
F Taslimi (R. Ac.) (Laser Acupuncture)

I specifically selected COL because after thoroughly searching the internet it was the only training available on Vancouver Island, BC. After meeting with Soheila, I knew that with her extensive laser and medical background not to mention her awards that this would be the best laser learning center for me. Their flexibility of course scheduling was also great, Soheila actually arranged the course to meet my needs. I am so grateful for her knowledge and expertise that she shared with me. I learned so much from her that I now feel very confident that I will succeed in my laser therapy career. Thank you!  And as a bonus I got to make 2 new friends.
Val E.  (Laser Hair Removal, & Cosmetic)  

I have enjoyed the course, doing one day a week has enabled me to study and continue working full time. I liked the flexibility of the course and small class size and personal training. Everything was very structured, and objectives set and outlined at the beginning which I like.  I feel confident that I have good knowledge and understanding of how to perform laser treatments and especially knowing the science and safety side of laser treatments. Hopefully I will be able to answer any question a client throws at me. Thanks a lot
Helen V. (Laser Hair Removal, & Cosmetic)

I Felt the course exceeded my expectations, there isn’t really anything I would like change. the flexibility of the course and the opportunity to ask any questions through email or in person, was very helpful! I feel supported a welcomed in the environment which I feel leads to better learning. Thank you
Roban T. (Laser Therapy for Body Contouring & weight Loss)

It’s great that this center is located on the island. The information provided is very well taught and gone over, so you fully understand what care and precautions are needed when using laser hair removal equipment. I feel like I got lots of hands-on training which is great and feel pretty comfortable using the machine to continue on.
Skye J.  Online and On-site Training, (Laser Hair Removal, & Cosmetic)

I was in search for an opportunity that could potentially lead to me building a business of my own. I have always had an interest in alternative health and wellness, and I am driven to find balance between work and family life. As a young mother I find my time is limited, and fitting in schooling was a challenge. When I came across COL, I was quite excited that there was a course that not only was I interested in, but it was flexible to my schedule as well.
When I went in for my initial interview, I was nervous as this was a big step in my life, but I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and at ease I felt after meeting Soheila. Throughout the course I was given all the support and flexibility required and more.
Unfortunately, part way through my studies I was in an accident. I was initially worried of how it would affect my schooling but due to COL’s understanding and determination to see students succeed I was able to adjust my course as needed.
I have full confidence that even after completing the course that I have the full support and access to COL’S reliable knowledge. Overall, it was an excellent experience, and I would recommend COL to anyone looking to get their foot in the door of the laser industry.
Sabrina R. (Laser Therapy for Smoking Cessation)

The course package came across my expectation and adequate time was provided for my questions and discussion. Very good communication between teacher and student. Very prompt on returning emails and answering any question I had. In overall the training was excellent.
Lindsay S. (The Basis of Laser Therapy & Laser Safety- Online Training)

Great classes and a lot of info. I chose COL Center because I wanted in depth information and how to use laser properly and COL Center was the best option. I learned a lot about laser therapy, more than I could imagine. It helped me to find further interest in my current line of work.
Rachelle. V (Laser Therapy in Acupuncture & Laser Safety) Distance & On-site Training

As an aesthetician for over 20 years, I was looking for a change. Thinking about moving to Vancouver I did a little research and found COL, in Victoria!!! Soheila was one of the best teachers I ever had. I learned so much from her and will refer others for the laser program. It’s been 2 weeks I’m offering laser at my salon, and I can say it’s been very successful. So glad I choose COL. Best regards,
 Katerina M. (Laser Hair Removal, & Cosmetic)