Laser Safety


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This online training program is designed for any facility owners and practitioners who offer laser therapy services like beauty therapists, aestheticians, registered nurses, dermatologists, surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.

Any practitioner who is offering laser technology in their clinic or Med-spa and operating a laser device must know about laser safety. Students who pass this training program will receive a certificate, an important certificate which is required for any work insurance. This program provides a general overview of the fundamental of laser treatment and discusses the risks associated with the use of lasers. It also provides advice to owners and operators to help reduce health risks to both clients and personnel at the facility.

The course topics include:

  • The basic science of laser
  • Laser classes – old system, new system
  • Beam hazards
  • Non-Beam hazards
  • Protection measures
  • Administrative control measures
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Emergency procedures

The program will be graded based on the grade categories:

1) Self- assessment Quiz = 20%

2) Journal Entry = 10%

3) Final Exam = 70%

Grade categories must add up to 100%. A score above 75% is needed to pass the program.

Hours (18 Hrs.), Price: 890.00 + Tax

Registration: Send and email to and request the registration form.