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Bio of COL’s  Laser Specialist:

Soheila Mokmeli is a senior medical researcher, a Medical & Aesthetics Laser Specialist, an award winning instructor and resource for laser therapy. She is a member of the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine (CBAM), and World Association of Laser Therapy (WALT). She was graduated from Medical School, Tehran University in 1994.  At present, she is the Laser Therapy Consultant and Education Administrator at Canadian Optic and Laser Center (COL Center).

She worked as an Assistant Professor at Zanjan Medical Faculty 1995 to 2001. She has been researching and practicing laser therapy since 1998 to present. She was the director of the Research Center of Laser Department of Milad Hospital in Tehran, 2002 – 2009. She served as mentor and counselor of more than 1000 medicine and nursing students and MDs for academic and research projects in the laser field. She coordinated multidisciplinary laser therapy projects, prepared educational outlines, and supervised more than 54 research and thesis papers.

During her practice as a Laser Therapist, she served more than 12,500 clients in different fields including cosmetic & beauty, weight loss & obesity, pain management, wound healing, hypertension, COPD, GI Disorders, diabetes, and more. Her professional goal is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the client’s needs and offering a safe and effective  method of  laser therapy.  She tries to  use the most applicable protocols, and determines appropriate laser settings and techniques to deliver optimal results. Soheila recognizes contraindications to laser applications before the procedure and a proper assessment to any reaction to treatment is her skill to achieve better results.

As a laser therapy instructor, she gives her students:
* Insights about keeping on task and setting goals and priorities.
* Specific advice on what was done well or could be corrected in laser therapy, what was achieved and the benefits of various laser parameters and actions.
*She always cares about her students’ progress in school and career planning, as well as their personal development.

She was awarded for her study on Laser Wave Lengths by the North American Association for Laser Therapy. In addition, she received an award as the Pioneer of Photo Medicine in her own country in 2012 and received an award for the Best Research Study from European Medical Laser Association (EMLA) in 2007.

She was the President of  Medical Laser Association in her own country, 2009 – 2011. Some of her activities included:

  • Management of a team consisting of 330 members of Medical Doctors and Specialists to identify professional development needs in laser therapy for staff and members.
  • Serving as a resource to evaluate the association’s continuous improvement plans.
  • Designing and planning educational and training courses of photomedicine for the Medical Council.
  • Counseled in photomedicine and laser field when academic problems adjustments arose, meeting with academical position to reach solutions.
  • Planning workshops, training course, arranging seminars and programs to raise funds and support association and research programs.  Designing educational programs and Research (supervised 25 thesis and research papers). In Canada, laser therapy is considered as a non-invasive and non-medical procedure at personal service establishments, and that is why she decided to continue her practice at COL Center to offer professional personal laser therapy services.

Training & Personal Development

  • Certificate of Advanced Natural Holistic Remedies, Smart Majority College, 2019 
  • Certificate of Natural Holistic Therapy, Smart Majority College, 2018 
  • Certified in Data Management for Clinical Research by Vanderbilt University, 2016
  • Certified in Quality Management System Requirement and Internal Audit by International Organization  BRS(AVA), 2012
  • Certified in Laser Hair Removal and Photo-Rejuvenation, All Body Laser Institute, BC Canada, 2012
  • Certified in Laser Therapy for Body contouring, All Body Laser Institute, BC Canada, 2012
  • Certified as instructor in fellowship program of “Advanced Laser in Dentistry” by Aachen University, Germany, 2010-2011
  • Certified in Facial Treatments (Skin Care) – Mary Cohr- France, 2010
  • Certified as an Instructor for Sport Medicine course by Federation of International Ski Sport, 2009
  • Diploma of Advanced Course in Laser therapy, Swedish Laser Medical Society Sweden, 2005
  • Diploma of Laser in Medicine – Russian State Research Center of Laser Medicine Russia, 2001


  • Designed, developed and implemented laser course and lessons for more than 1000 MDs, Dentists and physiotherapists (Different universities, associations, congresses, Workshops), 2004 to present.

International Presentation

  • Presented 52 articles in the field of photomedicine and laser therapy in cosmetic, diabetes, pain management, tissue healing, cardiovascular and blood pressure at International Congresses.



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