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Laser Hair Removal Program

Certified students in the Laser Hair Removal Program can get involved in the beauty industry and join various types of clinics and spas.


Course Topics Include:

  • Physiology and anatomy of skin and hair, Basic hair biology and growth cycles, skin classification.
  • Basic laser physics and laser tissue interaction.
  • Laser classification, Types of medical and hair removal lasers.
  • Therapeutic parameters, Laser parameters (power, fluency, wavelength, chromosphere, pulse duration, frequency, spot size, energy setting) and their effect upon results.
  • IPL and flash lamp methods of hair removal.
  • Client consultation and health assessment.
  • Contraindications to treatment and side effects.
  • Before and after laser care.
  • Laser safety issues for the patient and the operator.
  • Hands-on laser experience.
  • Final exam.