Is Laser Therapy effective?

There are numerous studies on this topic and a good starting point to read about past researches can be found listed under Research Studies. You can also contact us with any concerns or questions. You can also visit various organizational and medical sites on Laser Therapy under Useful Links.

How do I become a  Laser Therapist?

To become certified in low-level laser therapy, you would first choose from the modalities such as pain relief laser therapy, weight loss laser therapy, cosmetic laser therapy, insomnia laser therapy, smoke cessation laser therapy, wound healing laser therapy and more. Depending on if you choose one modality or more, your training will involve topics such as laser safety, an overview of laser physics, hands-on experience and more.

What can I do, if become an Laser Therapy technician?

There are numerous career paths possibilities for an Laser Therapy Technician. Depending on the courses taken at COL-Center, a graduated technician can work as a laser weight-loss technician, laser hair removal technician, pain relief laser therapy technician, wound healing laser technician, smoke cessation laser technician, etc. any of these certificates can also help you provide extra laser therapy services to an existing business you may have in any sort of wellness center or personal establishment. Opportunities are countless and it is guaranteed that an Laser Therapy Technician can quickly start working immediately after getting certified.

Where can I get hired?

Cosmetic and Beauty Centers, Physiotherapy Clinics, Acupuncture Clinics, Veterinary Clinics, Wellness Clinics, Sport Centers, Laser Centers, and Spas.

What are the courses offered by COL-Center?

The list of courses can be found under Laser Training Institute.

Is post-training support offered at COL-Center?

Yes! We offer business workshops that teach students about business planning, business financials, resume and Cover-letter compilation, marketing, and advertising. We also offer post support and consultation for an easier transition for our students.

Does the training have to meet government regulations?

Currently, there are no government regulations on Laser Therapy Training.

Does training include hands-on experience?

Yes, students get hands-on experience on various applications of laser treatments.