Laser Detoxification Program*

What is Detoxification?

Many people have found that the process of detoxification fade away many symptoms of bloating, indigestion, allergies, sinus problems and many other diseases. Of course, another benefit is that energy levels increase, and a person will feel an improvement emotionally or spiritually and will feel a sense of self-awareness and self-restraint.

The mechanisms of the body to remove and eliminate toxins and chemicals always are challenged due to the fact that the environment and our food are increasingly becoming more saturated with toxins and chemicals. Substances such as Bysfnvl A or BPA, (a chemical that is used in the production of many types of plastic), PBT (environmental toxins accumulated in the production of many chemicals used in pesticides), and thousands of others are accumulated in human tissue especially in fat and adipose tissues. In addition, bad choices and poor diet, digestive problems and stress, increases the body’s toxic load.

Center for Disease Control and Prevention, United States of America (CDC) examined thousands of individuals for the presence of contaminants and toxic substances and found more than 212 remaining substance were displaying in their body.

The continuous flow and exposure of toxic materials in the body damages the immune system, reduces the metabolism, and forces or overloads many systems that trying to clear toxins from the body and keep the body healthy. All organs and systems in the detoxification process (intestines, liver, lymphatic system, kidneys, skin, and respiratory tract tissue) can quickly be accumulated by toxic substances. Adipose tissue acts as a main storage for these toxic materials, and so far it can be affected by toxic substances and losses its normal response to stimulators which cause fat metabolism.  Using the appropriate detoxification process helps these systems and protects the body from toxic substances without depriving you of the nutrients needed to body.

Laser Detoxification is a method of low level laser or cold laser therapy that refers to deliver light into body through skin. Laser Therapy causes effects like bio-stimulation, analgesia and modulation of the immune system.

What is cold laser? 

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There are two types of medical lasers: High Power and Low Power.

·            High power or hot lasers are used to produce heat and cut and disrupt through tissue. The power of these lasers is higher than 500mW (0.5-100W).

·            Low level lasers or cold lasers on the other hand, are used to stimulate tissue repair through a process of bio-stimulation. The power of these lasers is lower than 500mW, so there is no heat for these lasers.

In 1998 low level laser therapy was approved by USA FDA as a safe method and without side effects. Cold laser therapy was approved for pain management to reduce pain and improve healing in the body by Health Canada and FDA.

What is cold laser detoxification?

Laser Detoxification Therapy was designed based on the science of Photo- Quantum Physics, Acupuncture, Homeopathy and the basis of Nutritional Detoxification, and Biochemistry. The new version of Laser Detoxification is non-invasive, and itself does not contain the consumption of chemical ingredients. Additionally, its ability to detoxify is a main key in detoxification process. Laser Detoxification mobilizes and removes toxic agents from different place in the body where they are producing gradually slight damage (i.e. fat stores), or organs where they can source much harm like liver and kidneys. Laser Detoxification is a non-invasive and non-medical method that affects the body through the draining toxins from the lymphatic system in addition to the stimulating the release of toxins from the inter- and intra-cellular membranes (cell and mitochondria membranes).

How does it work?

During Laser Detoxification, laser energy is delivered over skin and spread through the body by blood pathway in a wide approach to release or wash of the tissues. It is a very operative fast detoxification remedy that aids in clearing the toxins affecting the body. Some people recover in 24-72 hours, instead in weeks or months. Laser detoxification method, eliminates toxin causing the body to disturb change connected to the disease in a predictable way. Laser Detoxification has been stated to support detoxification, decrease allergic reactions, modulate autoimmune system, and stimulate a proper response to infections and invasions.

Laser therapy mechanism is based on the quantum physical characterise of the cell. Light photons transmit information into the cells like to the natural bio-photons formed by each cell. Several herbal and nutritional supplements and heavy metal binders are similarly used throughout this time to increase the body’s natural drainage and detoxification procedures over the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system, and spleen for a more whole removal of the toxins.

The toxins themselves are then move in the bloodstream and are cleared mainly by the liver and kidneys, but also though sweat and breathe to a smaller extent. These processes of detoxification program really clean the poisons and toxins from the body and the most from the adipose and fatty tissues with the help of the liver, kidneys, skin, lung, and bowels. The body naturally detoxifies every day as a normal body procedure. Detoxification is one of the body’s greatest basic reflex tasks of removing and neutralizing poisons through the colon, liver, kidneys, lungs, lymph and skin. This method washes and cleans out mucous and toxins from the intestinal tract and major organs.

How long does a treatment take?

There are two methods for laser detoxification:

·            Booster Detoxification; it includes 1 session for 30 minutes.

·            Steady Detoxification; it includes 3 sessions based on 1 session per week.

Steady detoxification mostly is used for people with chronic conditions, obesity, and weight loss disorders. It boosts the cellular metabolism and unlocks the circulation.  Treatments are typically 30 minutes depending on the condition being treated.  The general process is the probe containing laser diode(s) being held in place or moved gently over the different areas like liver, kidney, abdomen, and veins.

Are there any Side Effects?

Unlike most pharmaceutical solutions and other therapeutic options, laser therapy is non-toxic and non-invasive. No significant adverse effects have been noted in over 1 million individual treatments. The only general precaution is the use of special filtering glasses when a class 3B laser is in use.

What are post care recommendations?

There is no specific post care; just relax and rest during the therapeutic sessions and give enough time to body until it heals. Consumption of vitamin E (400 IU) and A (2000-3000 IU or 700-900 mg) daily can increases the bio-simulative effect of LLLT.

One of the best ways is to consume beverages and liquids that are good for detoxification such as tea. Pepper mint tea, ginger tea, green tea and dandelion tea are the best kinds of detoxifying substances. There are many methods to increase the effects and remove toxins from the body; however the most common operative forms are herbal remedies.

The other tip is to consume healthy and organic foods. Detoxification programs also help the body prevent the creation of new toxins and excrete toxins that remain in the body. Much of our food production is processed, by pesticides, fungicides and horticultural oils derived from petroleum products. Our bodies cannot metabolize all of these products, so the toxins stored in fat cells and the cells that perpetuate the toxic load.

In Laser Detoxification, the cellular metabolism recovers by improving the tissue circulation and increasing O2 supply. If somebody wants to lose weight and get slim safely at an appropriate rate, they would have to detox and clean the body from accumulated toxins to activate metabolism.

Are there any conditions which would prevent me from cold laser treatment?

There are no code regulated contraindications; however, since there are no long term evaluations on certain conditions, cold laser is not recommended for pregnant women in first trimester or persons with active seizure or targeting thyroid glands, and  it is not applied for any end organ damaged like severe heart, kidney, pulmonary and liver failure.

Does low-level laser therapy cause heat damage or cancer in the tissue?

No, low-level laser by virtue of design is non-heat producing and does not alter the cell structure.  The laser irradiation is non-ionizing, meaning it does not collect in the tissue. It does not cause cancer. It can be applied for pain management or chemical therapy’s side effects like stomatitis and vertigo and increase appetite.

* The results may vary from person to person.