Online Training Courses

There are different students with different backgrounds, like students just with a high school diploma, to nurses, estheticians, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, physicians, beauty specialists, etc. The training hours depend on the students’ background. Students without any background need more training hours.

Online study is available for some programs like:

The basis of laser therapy, laser & tissue interactions, the fundamentals of the skin care, laser safety, smoking cessation, weight loss, laser acupuncture, photo -facial therapy, pain management, laser therapy in veterinary and laser detoxification,  

Some programs need on-site training too, like Hair- Removal and cosmetic.

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You are welcome to start your education at any time of the year with online study.  As by distance study, students can study the curriculum from the comfort and convenience of their own home.  You will receive one module at a time and have a specific number of days to work through it with the assistance of an instructor, who is just a phone call or an email away. No need to spend thousands of dollars on hotel rooms and meals during the written work.  You also don’t have to take time off work!  Save your money and study in the hours that suit your lifestyle.  Each module ends with a quiz that is open book…so no need to stress either.

The structure of training for distance study is as follows:

Course Requirements:

          •  Internet connection (DSL, LAN, or cable connection desirable)
          •  Accessible email
          •  Microsoft Office, Word, Excel
          •  Adobe reader, PDF reader and writer
          • Scanner

        Course Structure:

      • This course will be delivered entirely as distance study through the mail and email. The students will get course package, lessons, videos, course materials, and resources by mail and email. At the designated times throughout the course starts,  students will participate in a blend of self-study and activities using Internet-based technologies for 24-40 Hrs. Activities will consist of chat, email, journaling, self-assessment quizzes.

    For each program, students will meet the objectives through a combination of the following activities in this course:

              • Self-study of the course materials for 24-40 Hrs.
              • Complete self-assessment quiz, 30-100 questions, 8-10 Hrs. Students will get the quizzes through the email.
              • Complete journal entry, 2 topics, 12 Hrs. Students will choose the topic based on their interests after consulting with the instructor. A literature search involves reviewing all readily available materials. These materials can include internal company information, relevant trade publications, newspapers, magazines, annual reports, research literature, on-line data bases, and any other published materials. It is a very helpful method of gathering information. Literature searches over the web are the fastest.

    Final Exam, 40-60 questions based on the topics. Students will get the final quiz through the email, and they need to send back the answers in the next 24 Hrs.
    70% of objectives will be met through the final exam, 20% through self-assessment quizzes, and 10% through the journal entry projects. A minimum 75% is required for passing the course.

    When you register and start your program you have 4 months to complete the program; however, after 4 months if you need more time you can ask for a 2 month extension and it will cost 50.00. When you accomplish all steps, you will get certified.