Double Chin Reduction*

Some excess weight cannot be addressed by dieting or exercise, and this is one of those cases. Occasionally, even after losing weight on your body, certain fats are disposed, get left behind and stick around. This is the most annoying part about it, because most people don’t have any idea how to get rid of their facial fats aside from getting a surgical procedure. Double chins can occur in the absence of excessive weight elsewhere, and because the tissue fullness is visible near the facial features and very difficult to camouflage, it can contribute to a disparaging aesthetic perception.

What Is a Double Chin?

A double chin is a deposit of hypodermic fat around the neck that drops down and makes a wrinkle, and creates a second chin appearance. It is most common on individuals who are elderly or over weight. Somebody with normal weight can have a double chin as well, dependent on their bone structure and quantity of loose skin. It is more noticeable when the bottom jaw is dropped or the head is tilted down.

Laser therapy

The combination of IR laser, cold laser and LHE is our protocol for double chin reduction. Due to the effect of Cold Laser on fat tissue and reduction of the volume of adipose tissue, Cold Laser can be used to reduce and minimize the size of double chin; in addition, this protocol improves the skin circulation, boosts collagen formation and stimulates regeneration path ways in the skin. All these effects offer a smooth, soft, and tighter skin pattern. The required sessions depends on the size of double chin and amount of the saggy skin in the treated area (mostly 3-6 sessions).

Double chin-2

* The results may vary from person to person. 

DISCLAIMER: As for all images and all kind of laser services, individual outcomes, results and number of treatments recommended may vary based on individual client needs, medical history, and circumstances. COL clinic cannot guarantee exact or permanent results or cures.