Laser Face and Neck-Lifting*

Are you looking for a safe, comfortable technique to achieve more youthful, tights and plump face and neck?
COL Clinic’s Laser Lifting treatment may be the answer! At Canadian Optic and Laser Clinic (COL Clinic), our laser practitioner can help your facial skin return to its healthy and strong appearance with the notable effects of photo rejuvenation. Our goal is to ensure you receive the best technology available to date.



Ageing is one of the most common reasons for cosmetic treatments all over the world as both sexes attempt to recapture their youthfulness through skin rejuvenation and face lifts and other extravagant methods.

Over time, skin begins to show the effects of aging. Factors like sun, gravity and hormones can speed up the aging process. The collagen found in the skin begins to break down and result in fine lines around the eyes and lips, deeper lines and grooves in the brow, and much more. Overtime, the face loses that youthful and vibrant appearance. Various procedures can help treat skin conditions and restore youthful appearances to faces. At our clinic for skin rejuvenation we offer different non-surgical lifting treatment based on your skin’s conditions, including , laser genesis, needling, radiofrequency, laser micro-needling, photo rejuvenation and laser face lifting, etc.

  • Photo-Rejuvenation, is a non-invasive procedure that only treats the needed areas while leaving the surrounding tissues intact. This provides the client with smoother, healthier, younger-looking skin. While typically performed on the face, photo rejuvenation can also treat the neck, chest and hands. Photo rejuvenation treatments, using advanced technology, can treat aging skin in safe, easy, gentler and effective manner. 
  • Laser Face and Neck-Lift is one of the most highly spoken of forms of cosmetic treatment and targets any fine lines and wrinkles that may be prominent on the individuals face. The laser face-lift technique is not considered a surgical operation because of the fact that the treatment method is non-invasive and the procedure is done from outside without cutting through the skin. It works with the primary working of a laser face-lift is that it focuses heat that passes through the skin and into the underlying facial tissue in order to shrink the collagen that exists behind the skin. This action causes it to contract. The laser face-lift before and after results might not look drastically different as the collagen takes some time to shrink even after the treatment has been completed. 

By uniquely merging three leading-edge technologies, we offer you a total skin rejuvenation system that targets all layers of photo damaged and aged skin. Using LHE and IR Laser technology, we target superficial layers of tissue to remove sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone and texture. Our laser facial treatment technology improves clinical outcomes targeting superficial redness and pigmentation while minimizing pore size and fine lines. Our state of the art Multiplex technology—targets deeper tissue layers by heating the collagen structures.

Our customized non-surgical laser face-lift package consists of 3-6 treatments, one session per month. These treatments will include the perfect mix of 3 different laser technologies to ensure you achieve the highest level of correction and rejuvenation. It is unrealistic to treat every client exactly the same way as your individual needs and concerns are unique. Our laser practitioner is a specialist in performing these treatments and will decide which laser treatments you need.

Visible signs of aging and sun damage will be significantly reduced. There will be an overall improvement in skin texture, tightness and skin tone. Pore size, fine lines, moderate wrinkles and mild skin laxity concerns will improve greatly.  In about a week, however, you will have noticed a distinct difference between the two phases. During this time, the crusting that is associated with the burning of the skin layer will begin to dissipate and the skin will turn into a bright pink color as the new cells begin to form. This stage of the transformation is likely to span over a couple of days as the new skin starts to adopt the skin tone of the rest of your complexion.

Laser face lift side effects are usually a threat only if you do not follow the instructions that are set. For instance, after laser face-lift, it is extremely important that you make it a point to stay out of direct sunlight. Moreover, one of the most important side effects to be careful of is the risk of being affected by sunburns. The vascular and pigmented lesions may become darker in appearance and may crust for 5 to 7 days. There may be some mild swelling and redness following your visit, and this can usually be covered with make-up and normally does not last more than 2-3 days. The area that has been treated will feel warm afterwards, similar to a sunburn. Cold compresses will help reduce this sensation.

Following the treatment, you need to wear sunscreen daily. Some kinds of mineral make-up will be applied immediately after your treatment and you can resume normal activities. Many patients schedule their treatments over lunch and return to work right after. There may be some slight redness or swelling for a few hours or, on rare occasions, a few days. Darker pigments and freckles may get darker after the initial treatment and flake off in a few days.

Because the lasers reduce wrinkles by encouraging new collagen growth, wrinkle improvement is gradual. At the time of your third treatment, approximately twelve weeks after you initial treatments, you may begin to note wrinkle improvement.



* The results may vary from person to person.