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Photochemical equipment and tools have a number of applications in high technology industries. Some operational examples include:

  • Medical Applications: Semiconductor laser (Diode Laser) in different wavelengths for treatment of different diseases (low power laser, cold laser) sets, home photo-therapy systems, and Veterinary systems.
  • Agricultural Applications: Plant light growth, greenhouse lightning and medicinal plants photo therapy.
  • Industrial Applications: Industrial lasers, home light systems, chemical reactions light systems, and fiber optics.
  • Veterinary Laser Therapy Set

Photo-sets have a wide range of potential applications which are presentable worldwide. For example, photo-sets can act as plants’ growth stimulants; the photo-set for greenhouse plants’ growth is a kind of equipment that has the capability of being applied wherever agriculture is practiced.The photo-sets that prevent the growth of bread mildew or prevent the growth of mildew and fungi in nutritious products including pistachios, hazelnuts and walnuts have a potential market wherever they are produced.Another application of photo-sets is in photochemical industry, as they are used in photochemical reactions, including activation and production of Ozone and activation of electrolyze reactions in metal industries.In the field of medicine, photo-sets can be used as phototherapy, high power lasers in surgery and cosmetic and low level laser therapy depending on the type of application.

Our Products

  • Portable laser probes (PLP): very handy, comfortable, good quality, in different wave length (600–1200nm), power, power density, and area of radiation based on your request.
  • Portable ultra-LED probes (PULP): very handy, comfortable, good quality, in different wave length (600–1200nm), power, power density, and area of radiation based on your request.
  • Photosets: Different wave length (600–1200nm), power, and power density.
  • Laser set and machines: we can produce laser machines with various characteristics and abilities that includes producing different frequency, programed timer, computerized program for the type of therapy, adjusted power, dosimeter, and sensor.
  • Greenhouse lighting systems: Planning, designing, installing and using computer programs for lighting systems with LED bulbs, energy-saving fluorescent lights, tube lamps, metal halide lamps, heat lamps, high bay fixtures, low bay fixtures and more.

Our Production Center is organized as follows:

Research and Information Unit


  • Information collection based on international studies.
  • Consulting the specialists and related research.
  • Reviewing the weak points and the existing shortcomings in practical techniques.
  • Providing the final reports.
  • Techniques sale and target market research.
  • Providing suggestions for design and production to the design section.

Design and Observation Unit


  • Receiving and the reviewing suggested specifications from the Research and Information Unit.
  • Completing the preliminary scheme using the scientific and research consultants related to the project.
  • Conducting technical research for the project.
  • Selecting raw materials and preliminary equipment.
  • Adjusting the target markets to the technical findings.
  • Supervising the production stages, quality control and examining the prototypes.
  • Taking ergonomic and aesthetic issues and related international standards into account.

Production Unit


  • Providing and examining raw materials and their market as well as required production tools.
  • Producing the preliminary sample based on the final scheme.
  • Maintaining the standards determined by the Designing section.
  • Conducting the preliminary experiments for approving the production.
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses and administrative problems and errors.
  • Providing reports on the prototype to the Design and Research Sections for further examination.
  • Providing different types of packaging suitable for the project.
  • Determining the end point and investment turnover rate, total investment required for the project and reporting that to the managing board for final approval.
  • Finalization of the prototype after the approval and providing that to the marketing and distribution section for sales and distribution.

* The results may vary from person to person.